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Free VPN for WiFi

I rate this application software 5 stars. 1. When I go to weather.com they show my location somewhere else. Makes it harder for people who may wish to do bad things. 2. VPN kepted disconnecting on one day at a certain time. When I checked the router it showed I was attacked. So when I use this app, I try to keep it where I can see if it is still connected or not. My wifi was still connected but the vpn disconnected. 3. Seems simple to use. 4. Free In summary if I were paying money I would want this app to keep protecting my device while I was attacked by maybe dropping the connection and automatically reestablishing another connection, but since it is free it is 5 stars even by not doing this.

VPN Plus

So far so good, works well with no cost. Would recommend for the casual user not sure about long term but worked for entire weekend watching out of market games. :)


As other reviewers have said, they tried others but VPN is the one that works. Some websites ask if you wish to read english or?? as the VPN server makes it look like you are from a russian country. Just reload a webpage and you dentify from somewhere else in the world. Ain't that fun?

My body in china

It's work . I can do my homework in china. thank you so much


The only thing you don't like Every time you start, it goes to your site

Best that I’ve found

I’ve been struggling with the Great Firewall. Seems like Every VPN that I’ve tried is incredibly slow. This app though fired up right away, and I was accessing my social media sites with no problems. It’s still a bit slower than when I’m in the U.S., but it’s better than anything else that I’ve tried.

speed isn’t fast

In totaly ,its ok


Funciona muy bien y es de las mas rapidez

VPN connection failed

For some reason today the app stopped working once I click connect botton. Both on andriod and MacOS platform. Is the app going to stay like this for ever?


It cannot work here in China any more.

It didn’t work again

I used the app almost for 1 year long. 4 months ago, that older version app didn’t work, and now the newest one met the same situation. Whatever, thanks for your great job.

working real well

working well


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This app keeps shutting off but when it is on (active) it doesn’t let any other app work. I have a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017).

error downloading

Can not download

great vpn

no ads, i hope fast more

for study porpuses

I just got the app yesterday , and Even i dont know who your company will get profits, and how it can run in the long term, I appreciate your work and efforts, I am in China and I am interested mainly in getting educational videos from Youtube, and also listen some music. Even though it coudl be slow at time, I appreciate I can finally can what some videos in my Computer. THANKS

This App is fantastic.

First of all, i’ve tried multiple Apps and this one is a random search. I did have much faith on this one. But i was shocked by how convenient, functionl, easy to use on this App. The best part is the App is totally free. Please don’t block the App or start charging like 10 bucks a months! 5 star App.

It works and it’s Free

The other reviews are correct. It does interfere with opening or downloading some programs when open, so I close it. Sometimes you do need to restart it. However, it will run in the background for hours unlike my old VPN which would disconnect and I wouldn’t even know it wasn’t on. I haven’t tried keeping it on for days, since I do have to close it to get access to some programs. Overall, it’s worth the money (ha,ha).

one VPN that works and doesnt come ard with BS

one VPN that works and doesnt come ard with BS

Does it log user’s sensitive info?

This VPN product is very great.But I want to know wheter it log user’s sensitive info or not?

Working good

it’s working pretty good for Mac right now.

The latest version does not work

Every time I click “connect”, it pops up its policy window, click “Agree”, then the Policy window shows again, you can never close it.

TCP does not work on mac

I have emailed admin twice about tcp will NEVER connect. UDP is useless as it still gives local IP location.

only thing that worked

I had a couple of vpns all in China before this one, they all stopped working and this is the only one I could get that worked so it’s okay. sometimes it doesn’t work, especially the mobile android and ios version but better than nothing.

Powerful VPN

SImple but powerful. Works well in mainland China. Best VPN ever.

Simple and beautiful like dimple

It’s working in iran!!!

A very good software

A very good software Very good software

a very good app

always log out itself randomly


NONE of the other vpn apps on the mac store would work for me they would just drop a connection. Then I eventually came across this vpn app and it worked perfectly! Thank you so much for making an app that WORKS!



A really great VPN service app

I’m a user in China, and I have been using the service for over half a year. Last week it suddenly started to crash on startup, and I don’t know what’s wrong. I immediately wrote an email to the support mail it gave me complaining about the bug. I received a reply the next day, which explained to me the reason of the bug. A few days later I installed the update, and the issue was successfully solved. I think I will recommend this app to whoever wants to have a free and stable VPN service in China.

why it show privacy policy all the time even i clicked agree

mac mini 10.13.4 (17E199)

The best, again! Thank you!

In China, you don’t expect to get a better vpn than this one, and it is a wonderful app. Perfect! My experience has been and remains to be: this is the best VPN one could possibly have! More than 5 stars. You have updated the Mac version and now works wonderfully. Look forward to your update on the iPhone version. Thank you so much!!

Thank you!

I love you, I can’t accept that lose the free vpn. Server .


Thank you very very much for this VPN updating.Another chance of getting freedom and jumping the great fire wall!

Best VPN app yet

This vpn works pleasantly well! There’s no particularly noticeable network lag, unless downloading/uploading files, which is understandable. The VPN was shockingly easy to set up and use, and it works extremely well! I’ve recommended this VPN to all my friends

its great but lately...

This is the best vpn for Macbook that ive used so far, a big upgrade from the last app you created, this one doesnt have the annoying add pop up ever 5 seconds, however, lately, its been acting up, it quits henever i try to open it and its a hassle getting it to work, i hope you can fix that glitch and make this app the best again

very good app when it doesn’t quick unexpectedly

The first 3 times it worked perfect, but then it started to quit unexpectedly right after I opened it. I can’t even reach the connect button.



What Happened?

It doesn’t work recently, what happened? I hope you guys fix it soon. I love this app very much.

It was working very good… but now quit inexpectedly!

I have been using this VPN for about a month and it was working great for a free VPN. But from today start quiting unexpectedly. I hope they can fix it.

Always crash with latest Mac OSX 10.13.4

It used to work great, but now always crashes on latest Mac OSX 10.13.4

not anymore working

instantly close every time I try to lanuch the app, it used to work well until recently stupid update eitheir from Apple or VPN company

Wont Work

Everytime I try to open the app, it immediately closes. Is this because of the program, or is it my computer?


It worked very well for few days, especially it is free. But since last night, I can not open it, it exit automatically everytime when I try to connect. I feel confuse what can I do next, so I come here to review. Really hope I can continue to use it, can someone give me an advice, thanks in advance.

always reliable but now something wrong

I have used this App for several months. It is totally free and has a good performance. But I have met two times of unknown breakdown since first use. Yesterday it started going wrong again, I can not open the App now. Hope it will be fixed as soon as possible.

VPN Plus quit unexpectedly

Though this App is terrific, however, I’m frequnetly confronted with this error message now “VPN Plus quit unexpectedly”, and it’s not getting connected. Developers / Admin, please look into the matter and solve it. Thanks!


App keeps crashing every single time I open it. Currently using Sierra (not High Sierra), version 10.12. It worked fine before, and then suddenly from one day it keeps crashing. Please fix. It was the best VPN app in the entire App Store. WHAT THE HELL WENT WRONG

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